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IP Specialities

IP Specialities is a global trading company focused on meeting our customers’ and suppliers’ toughest challenges.

  • Unmatched experience: Our small team brings unmatched commercial experience and expertise to bear on your needs. We’d love to share our knowledge and experience with you – and hope we can do some business together.
  • Technical know-how: All our commercial team have deep technical knowledge of oleochemical processes and applications, through years of experience of technical sales, plant operations and marketing.
  • A global presence: With our own offices in the USA, Germany and Singapore, we are close to our markets and able to work directly with suppliers and customers worldwide.
  • Full logistical capability: We work with industry-leading providers to provide a full logistical service. We handle shipping, import/export paperwork – to make our customers’ lives easier.

What we can do for you:

  • Sourcing: Our global reach, commercial knowledge and technical know-how enable us to identify the right oleochemical feedstock for you, and source it competitively.
  • Alternative feedstocks: Not an oleochemical user today? IP Specialities has a strong record of providing value by bringing our customers oleochemical alternatives to existing raw materials, including solvents, waxes and excipients.
  • Global sales and marketing: We love to sell! And with our global presence and strong network, we will find customers for your oleochemical products – especially ones you may think are hard to place – either directly or through distribution.
  • A full service end-to-end trader. We take ownership of the product we handle and do everything needed to get it to the customer on time and in full.
  • Out of the box thinking: We will look for a different way to meet your needs – find a lower-cost material that meets your spec, recommend a supplier you don’t know, take your product to a market where you have never sold.